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Buddy Dance Classes



Buddy Dance is an inclusive dance class for boys and girls of all ages who have special needs. Dance is a fantastic form of creativity and expression, but some kids and teens can be left out of dance classes because of developmental or behavioral disorders. Our 30 minute inclusive dance class that meets once a week, provides people with special needs a place to let loose doing an activity that might have been exclusive before because of behavioral or developmental disorders. The students' smiles say it all and keep them coming back each week with one goal in mind which is to have fun! For the parents, Buddy Dance is about more than dance. It is about an open door into their child's world. Buddy Dance is open to boys and girls regardless of age or range of special needs. The class meets once a week (September-May). The cost is $15 a month. Please click the link below to view our story and hear from our buddy dancers and parents!

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