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Summer Fun!
Looking for a summer activity for your child? Well look no further than Premier Dance Center! Our summer classes are filled with kids who just want to get out of the house for a little while. Our summer classes work a little different than our fall/spring classes. We have "sessions" that last a few weeks and the parents can decide on the number of "sessions" that a child takes since you pay per session/per class. Although our summer sessions only last a few weeks, they are filled with the same technique that is taught in our fall/spring classes. We highly recommend our summer sessions for kids who may want to dance but are not sure if they will like it. Summer sessions give students the opportunity to try dancing before the parents spend tons of money on tuition, costume, and recital fees (which is required with our fall/spring classes). There is no recital for our summer session so the kids can just relax and have fun without stressing over a recital routine. If you are interested in our summer classes, please click the link below and check out our schedule. Please mail the form to the address listed. We hope to see you this summer at Premier Dance Center!

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