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These are the most frequently asked questions. If none of these answer your questions, you can always call us at 478-1545 or the fastest way to reach us 24/7 is by emailing us at!
How often will my child attend class?

This will depend on the number of classes your child takes. If you choose one class, your child will come once a week on which ever day that you schedule. Your child should report to class on the day and time you chose when registering her. The only days Premier Dance does not hold classes are on holidays. We follow the Calcasieu Parish School Board's yearly calendar. We do encourage students not miss class since what they are learning is important and may be a part of their recital dance. However, if a child is sick during the months of September-December that child may attend a "make-up" class of the same kind. You just have let us know in advance which day you will be making up the class that was missed. 


What does my child wear and where can I buy it?


Kinderdancers should have a pink leotard, pink tights, tan tap shoes, and pink leather ballet shoes. Ballet/Jazz 1 & 2 students should wear a black leotard, pink or nude tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. Tap students should have white or nude tap shoes and can wear shorts with a tank top. Jr. high jazz and all hiphop classes should have tan or black jazz shoes and can wear shorts with a tank top/t-shirt. This information can also be found in the packet that was given to you at registration. You can purchase any of the above at Target, Paradiddles, Academy, and Walmart.


How old does my child have to be to start?

Your child needs to be at least 3 years old if they are not potty trained and 2 years old if they are potty trained. Our ages range from 2-Adult.


How much are classes for the fall/spring?


When registering there is a one time fee of $45 (July-August)and goes up to $50 (September-December)  and each class is a different price. Our tuition is based yearly and just broken up into 9 monthly payments.


A 45 minute class is $450 a year or $50.00 a month, and a 60 minute class is $495 a year or $55.00 a month.


DISCOUNTS: Students may take additional classes at a 50% savings per class. Family discounts of 25% off of siblings tuition is also available. You may also choose to pay the year in full when registering to receive 10% off tuition. You may also inquire about our pay with cash specials during the year! 

Premier Dance Center has an unlimited rate of $115.00 per month. You may take as many classes as you like per week......competition teams are not included! Competition team pricing is completely separate.


​When is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register for each dance year is December 20th. Since we do begin learning recital dances in January, we like the students to be registered by the New Year. We will begin registering for each dance year in July. Registration for summer classes begins in March.



Can I watch my child in class?

We do not allow parents to watch. Dance is a very technical sport which requires a lot of focus. We find that parents and siblings watching create a distraction for the girls and boys. We do offer a Parent's Visitation Week once a year. At this time, you and other family members may come sit in your child's class to watch, video, and/or take pictures of what your child has learned. We love for the parents to be involved as much as they can!

What is the cost of recital?

For recital, there is a $70.00 recital fee per student to help cover the cost of the facility where recital is held. Your child will also need costume(s) depending on how many classes they are enrolled in. Costumes cost anywhere from $75-$100 depending on the company we order from. Recitals are only held for our fall and spring classes. Summer classes do not have a recital.


Can my child try a class before registering?

Absolutely! Everyone is entitled to try one class to ensure that they will enjoy the class for the entire year.


Why should I choose Premier Dance Center?

​We can list many reasons why we think we are top notch but here are just a few:

  • Our staff! We are a fun filled family oriented studio and we have been told that we have the most loving and welcoming staff! We go above and beyond to make sure that our dancers are not only receiving quality training but having fun while doing it!

  • Our facility! Thanks to Hurricane Laura, we have the newest facility in SWLA featuring a full lobby and television for parents to enjoy while waiting on their child, a small dance store where you can purchase dance attire, 3 large dance rooms made for proper across the floor dance training, and don't forget our homework room where our dancers can focus on schoolwork in between classes because school comes first to us. 

  • Our Prices! We are one of the most affordable dance schools in SWLA! We also offer the best discounts for multiple classes! We are also one of the few studios in SWLA that offers sibling discounts.

  • Our Location! We are located in South Lake Charles at the end of Petro Point Drive so we do not have a lot of traffic that comes in front of our building which makes coming and going super easy for you!

  • Our Circle drive! We have a circle drive that many of our parents utilize when dropping their child off. This makes it super easy for you to leave them with us so you can run your errands while they are in class!

  • Ability to take joint classes! We are located in the same building as LA Stunt and right down the road from Gymnastics Etc. So stunt or gymnastics would be another great option for your dancer! All of this is right here on Petro Point Drive! 


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